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Мотив My Mom, авторство Eminem.

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Музыкант или группа: Eminem

Песня называется: My Mom

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Когда добавлен: 2015-02-22

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"My Mom"

Yo yo, alright, i'm gonna lay the chorus first
Here we go now.

My mom loved valium and lots of drugs
And that's why I am like I am cause I'm like her
Because my mom loved valium and lots of drugs
That's why I on what I on cause I'm my mom.

My mom my mom I know youre probably tired of hearing about my mom Oh ho! Whoa ho!
But this is just a story of when I was just a shorty and how I became hooked on va-al-ya-hum
Valium was in everything food that I ate, The water that I drank fucking peas on my plate,
She sprinkled just enough of it to sea-son my steak, So everyday I have at least three stomach aches,
Now tell me what kind of mother would want to see her
Son grow up to be an under a undera-fuckin-chiever, My teacher didn't think I was going be nothing either,
What the fuck you sticking gum up under the fucking seat for?
Mrs. Mathers your son has been huffing ether, Either that or the mother fuckers been puffing reefer,
But all this huffing and puffing wasn't what it was either,
It was neither I was buzzing but it wasn't what she thought, Pee in a tea cup?
Bitch you aint my keeper, im sleeping, What the fuck you keep on fucking with me for?
Slut you need to leave me the fuck alone I aint playing,
Go find you a white crayon and color a fucking zebra.

My mom love Valium and lots of drugs, That why I am like I am cause I'm like her,
Because my mom love Valium and lots of drugs, That why I'm on what I'm on cause I'm my mom.

Wait a minute this aint dinner this is paint thinner, You ate it yesterday I aint hear no complaints did I?
Now here's a plate full of pain killers now just wait till I crush the Valium and put it in your potatoes you little mother fucker ill make you sit there and make that retarded fucking face without even tasting it, you better lick the fucking plate you aint wasting it, Put your face in it before I throw you in the basement again,
And I aint giving in, your gonna just sit there in one fucking place spinning again till next thanksgiving and if you still aint finished it I use the same shit again then when I make spinach dip it will be placed into shit, you little shit want to sit there and play innocent, A rack fell and hit me at k mart and they witnessed it, child support, your father he aint slipped us shit and so what if he did that aint none of your dang business kid.

My mom there's noone else quite like my mom I know why should let bygones be bygones
But she's the reason why I am high but I'm high on cause.

My mom love Valium and lots of drugs, That why I am like I am cause I'm like her,
Because my mom love Valium and lots of drugs, That why I'm on what I'm on cause I'm my mom.

My mom loved valium now all I am Is a party animal, I am what I am
But I'm strong to be finished wit' me val-ium spinach But my bars only last about two minutes
But I don't wanna swallow it without you in it I can't even write a rhyme without you in it
My valium, my vaaa-eh-elll-liummmmm maaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnn.

Man I never though that I could ever be A drug addict nah, fuck that I can't have it happen to me
But that's actually what has ended up happenin, a tragedy
I'm fuckin passin it up catchin me And it's probably where I got acquainted with the taste ain't it?
Pharmaceuticals of the bomb i'm beautiful Secure the fuckin dog with the medicine she done fed it
Feed it a fuckin aspirin and say that it has a headache
Here want a snack, you hungry you fuckin rat Look at that, it's a Zanex, take it and take a nap
Eat it, but I don't need it, well fuck it then brake it up
Take a little piece and beat it before you wake Nathan up all right Ma you win, I don't feel like arguin
I'll do it, pop and gobble it and start wobblin Stumble hobble tumble slip drip then I fall in bed
With a bottle of meds and a Heath Ledger

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