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Мотив Tides, авторство Jack and Jack.

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Музыкант или группа: Jack and Jack

Песня называется: Tides

Продолжительность mp3 записи: 03:44

Когда добавлен: 2015-02-17

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Yeah know
Alright, lets go

When the tide hits you striaght in the face
Lifes getting hardeh treading water got nowhere to go
And as time slips away day by day
Stranded in the ocean every open door that was open has now been closed
Dead bolt lock no escape feeling like an outcast so out of place and i know
The tides might take you away
But don't you worry cause theres no hurry for tommorow today still young

Now you've hit rock bottom and your feeling lost at sea yeah
Just keep head up out the water and
I know you'll find some way to breath

When the tides they drag you down (X2)
Down under ferther than you've ever been what to do now
When the tides they pull you out (X2)
Out so far lord teach me
How to swim (X2)
Woah (X2)
Straight away from the bad tides
Woah (X2)
Only do where there's good tides

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