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Мотив Been To Hell, авторство Holliwood Undead.

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Музыкант или группа: Holliwood Undead

Песня называется: Been To Hell

Продолжительность mp3 записи: 03:24

Когда добавлен: 2015-03-15

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Welcome to a city that’ll bring you to your knees
It`ll make you beg for more, until you can’t even breathe
Your blindfold is on tight, but you like what you see
So follow me into the night, cuz I got just what you need
We’re all rollin’ down the blvd, full of pimps and sharks
It’s a motherfuckin’ riot, we’ve been dying to start
You better grab a hold cuz now you know your falling apart
You thought these streets were paved in gold
But they’re dirty and dark

[Chorus: x2]
Been to hell
I can show you the devil!
Down you fell
Can`t hold yourself together!
Soul to sell
Down here you live forever!
Welcome to a world
Where dreams become nightmares!

In the belly of the beast, I’m a wolf amongst the sheep,
At the bottom of the hill, but at the top of the street
Above the blvd, schoolyard, victim of deceit
And your runnin’ hard, but this wolf it`s always at your feet
Ya you’ve seen it all before, but the wolf’s outside your door
And you’re old enough to run, you ain’t hiding anymore
Another victim of the star spangled banner of the street
Now you’re in the world of wolves…
… And we welcome all you sheep

[Chorus: x2]

You need to wake up and face it,
So you can taste my reality
Now you’re stuck in this place you hate,
And you came here so happily
Then it made you lose your faith,
And that’s what fucked with your sanity
Say goodbye to your soul and say hello to your vanity
Hollywood is your friend, and the undead are your family
We’ll take you to the edge, and turn your regret it to agony
And I’ll never let you go, cuz I know you’ll come back to me
I’m the reason you came here…
… I’m the American tragedy

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