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Мотив Pink Floid OST DUE DATE ВПРИТЫК, авторство Hey You.

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Музыкант или группа: Hey You

Песня называется: Pink Floid (OST DUE DATE ВПРИТЫК)

Продолжительность mp3 записи: 04:39

Когда добавлен: 2015-03-09

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Hey you!
out there in the cold
getting lonely, getting cold, can you feel me
Hey you! Standing in the aisles
with itchy feet and fading smiles, can you feel me
Hey you! don't help them bury the light
Don't give in without a fight.
Hey you! out there on your own
Sitting naked by the phone, would you touch me
Hey you! with your ear against the wall
Waiting for someone to call out, would you touch me
Hey you! would you help me to carry the stone
Open your heart, i'm coming home
But it was only fanstasy
The Wall was too high, as you can see
No matter how he tried he could not break free
And the worms ate into his brain
Hey you! out there on the road
Doing what you're told, can you help me
Hey you! out there beyond the wall
Breaking bottles in the hall, can you help me
Hey you! don't tell me there's no hope at all
Together we stand, divided we fall

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